Why You Should Visit Australia This Winter

If you’re thinking of travelling this winter but can’t decide where to go, let me nudge you in the direction of Australia. Way warmer than where you are right now, its laidback vibe and fresh air could be exactly what you need! Here are 9 reasons to visit Oz this winter.

  1. The people


One thing Aussies are known for is their friendliness. With the population made up of a myriad of cultures (including Australia’s First Nation’s people), they’re a welcoming and multicultural bunch. Easy-going, optimistic and cheeky, Aussies are the perfect hosts if you want to forget about your worries for a couple of weeks.


  1. The history


Home to the world’s oldest living civilisation, Australia is rich in indigenous culture. From the rock paintings of the Kimberly to the many indigenous tours showcasing the stunning traditional practices of each Indigenous people’s land, this is an amazing place to visit to immerse yourself in cultures that are thousands of years old.


  1. The natural beauty


What are you looking for? Rainforests? Beaches? Mountains? Desert? Mangroves? Gorges? Australia literally has it all. With flora and fauna that are often only found on the continent, visiting here is an experience like no other.


  1. The coastline


Australia is known for its gorgeous beaches- from the white sands of Bondi to the red rocks of Broome; every beach is different. Whether you want to swim, surf, snorkel, fish or simply witness; most coastal towns and cities have a few beaches of each to choose from. And that’s without even mentioning the offshore attractions; swimming with whale sharks, exploring the Great Barrier Reef or island hopping just to start.


  1. The food


Australia is overflowing with fresh produce, artisanal goods and other locally sourced goodness. From the hidden gem local bakeries that pop up from town to town, to the five-star restaurants serving opulent seafood; the quality of Australian food is outstanding


  1. The range


Choosing where to go in Australia is often the hardest part; or rather, where to start. In Queensland, tropical rainforests meet the surf and theme parks are everywhere. In Melbourne and Sydney, there’s a meeting of culture, art, food and history. In Western Australia, you can choose between the wine regions, surf spots and pure white beaches of the south and the stunning gorges, reefs and deserts of the north.

  1. The weather


If you’re looking for warmth, Australia brings the heat. Getting up to 40 degrees celsius in most major cities over summer; you can choose between the humid heat of the north and the dryer heat of the south. And if you’re not cut out for the hot weather, Melbourne and Tasmania are not quite as hectic over the summer.


  1. The amenities


Australians for the most part live well and have had many cities top the chart for “most livable cities” worldwide. Sports and entertainment venues, clubs, bars, restaurants and theme parks are just some of the amenities available all around the country. Business standards are high, technology modern and people helpful. You will feel well taken care of here.


  1. The Lifestyle


Finally, the best thing about Australia is the way they live. Happy to help out, chatty, wearing thongs (or flip-flops) everywhere you go type culture. Nothing is too big of a problem. Even the cities take it relatively easy. This is definitely the place to go if you want to relax, be welcomed and have fun.