How to Plan a Solo Backpacking Trip through Europe Edited

Feel like you need a break from your daily hustling? Then do not waste any more time and start planning for a vacation. One of the best parts of vacations is coming up with a blueprint of what your getaway would look like. Irrespective of how short your trip might be, you will need a proper plan to execute it.

Now a great idea would be to include some sustainable alternatives that will minimize your negative effects on the planet. It never hurts to put in some extra thought!



 In this article, we will share some tips to ensure you can be eco-friendly as conveniently as possible!

The Perfect Location

The most exciting aspect of a vacation by far is the place you will be visiting. Now as fascinating as various locations might seem, choosing the right one will win you half the battle.

Most tourist agencies tend to recommend areas that are already marked red on the tourism radar. However, you should preferably choose a location that is less crowded. Places with excessive tourist inflow tend to have their wildlife and natural balance adversely affected.

You should also keep an eye out for countries that believe in sustainability.



Iceland, for example, is not only beautiful with its breathtaking scenery but also extracts most of its energy from geothermal sources. That is one of the best ways a country can be eco-friendly and support the environment.

Helsinki is one of the more advanced cities that have managed to expand its railways and bike lanes network. This reduces the transport emissions that pose a threat to the environment.

Another important notion that needs to be clarified is that one does not need to make a trip around the globe to have a great vacation. You never know if the outskirts of your city or the countryside near you might hold some amazing adventures. Explore those avenues as well.

Just by doing a bit of research, you could find some incredible places to visit that invest in the concept of sustainability.

2. Transportation

The most obvious way of cutting down on transportation is that you go someplace near to where you already are. This will obviously leave behind a reduced number of carbon footprints.

Another way of ensuring that your transportation is more eco-friendly is that you take a ride. Prefer taking a bus for cross-city travel or using the rail.



Probably the best continent to do this in is Europe, as there are many countries within it that are interlinked via these rail tracks.

If you are looking to travel to a country to which you will have to take a flight, then use airlines that use renewable biofuels. This will make sure that you travel eco-friendly and do your bit in making the world greener, despite traveling by air.

Once you have reached a country and you want to travel within, rent bicycles for traveling to point A from point B or give carpooling a shot.

3. Holiday Accommodation

To make your vacation even more eco-friendly, try looking for accommodations that support sustainability. It is always a great idea to find cozy rooms that have been put up for rent by locals. This tends to make sure that you are benefiting the people of that land.

Try staying away from big luxury hotel chains, especially the all-inclusive ones. You heard that right. This is because there is immense waste and merely sustainability.



You can also settle for dorms or hostels that not only charge less but also save energy and resources. Hostels can even offer you double beds if you are traveling with your partner. Hostels and dorms are big on community and cut down on unnecessary wastage.

4. Pack and Buy Wisely

The kind of clothing you are supposed to pack depends on where you are traveling to. Sometimes there might even be some specific equipment that you will require, like for fishing.

Try buying from brands that support sustainability and buy from local markets. Another aspect that you can also explore is that you buy second-hand items. Bamboo utensils are always on top of the list of renewable products.

Packing lightly will also help to reduce your carbon footprints or pack stuff that is necessary and not the heels that you are planning to take on mountainous terrain.

When buying souvenirs for loved ones or even shopping for yourself, make sure not to buy items that have anything to do with endangered species. These are sometimes it only illegal but also support these menacing industries. Fridge magnets never hurt anyone, and you can find some beautiful ones out there.

5. Eco-friendly Itinerary

Another exciting method to make your vacation more sustainable is by coming up with activities that are eco-friendly. A good ideology to follow is that your holiday activity might not benefit the environment, but it is important that it does not hurt it.



You can always look up green activities to explore in the city you are in. You can also hire a local guide that might navigate you through town. The thing with hiring a local is that you will be able to actually experience the true essence of the region you are in. Hence, a local guide means getting an authentic experience in the most cost-effective manner.


As we wrap up, remember that sustainable travel doesn't have to be a sacrifice. In fact, by making small changes to our travel habits, we can create more meaningful and fulfilling experiences while also protecting our planet.

So why not make your next vacation an eco-friendly one? Not only will you be doing your part to create a greener world, but you might also discover new and exciting ways to incorporate sustainability into your everyday life.

Let's act now to make our travels and world more sustainable, vibrant, and enjoyable for all.